Charles E. Moss

I enlisted in the USAF August 59, and was trained as Morse Intercept officer and Air Traffic Control Specialist. From 1960 to 1961 I was assigned to TUSLOG DET-3 (Turkey), and then from 1962 assigned to Air Traffic Control at Williams AFB. 

In 1963 I was transformed into an Officer and a Gentleman in Officer Candidate School class 63D  (the last class of USAF OCS). After gaining my Commission, I was assigned to James Connelly AFG for Navigation Officer training and then  Mather AFB for EWO training and then to Castle AFB for B-52 Training

Assignments included 26 Bomb Sq, Altus AFB, 56th Bomb Sq Minot AFB,  Anderson AFB (B-52 Ops & Trainer), and in 1973 to Shaw AFB  for B-66 Training. In 1973, I served at Korat RTAB as a B-66 Crewmember), and as a B-66 Action Officer at 7th AF. I flew about 96 B-66 combat missions in Southeast Asia.  I also flew C-47, B-52-B,C,D,E,F,G,& H, British VC-10, C-97, C-118.

In 1974  finally received my degree- BGS MIS -while on Bootstrap at University of Omaha.  I married my wife Kathy in February 1976.

I also served at Blytheville AFB (EWO Standboard), Goodfellow AFB (SIGINT Officer school), and in 1979 assigned to USAF Security Service. In 1982, I was appointed Chief Penetration Aids at Dyess AFB .

I retired from the USAF in March of 1982 at rank of Major, and began working for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in various capacities including: building security, field security, Social Worker, Assistant Chief of Risk Management & Parole. A parole office in Texas is like being a permanent OCS upperclassman!

My wife Kathy and I currently live in a underground earth shelter home – similar to the SAC alert Facility.  We have had 4 sons – who have all grown and have left the nest. My eldest son-Charles is an Economics College Professor at the University of Florida. My second son Scott is a civil servant Computer Project Officer at Randolph AFB, while my third son is Manager of a fast food restaurant in Virginia. Our youngest son, Jared R. is a robotics welder specializing on boiler manufacturing & repair. 

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