Pilot – Flew B-52, F-100, KC-135, T-39 Sabreliner, UH-1, Taught pilot training in T-38 and T-37 aircraft.

300 combat missions in North and South Viet Nam as well as Cambodia and Laos.

Presented DFC by President Johnson. Presented the Vietnamese Cross of Air Gallantry with Gold Wing by President Thieu of South Viet Nam. Twenty air medals.

Staff jobs as a Force Applications Officer at SAC HQ, SAC Briefing Officer, Pentagon staff officer in strategic weapon systems. Worked for a Navy Admiral in Crystal City, VA for the Joint Cruise Missile Projects Office. Squadron Cmdr. Chief of Operations Plans.

Selected for Lt. Col. but turned it down to begin a new career.

Worked in executive positions at General Dynamics, Martin Marietta and TRW. (Manager of aircraft modifications and Marketing Director of Navy products.)

President of ISA, Inc., an aerospace consulting company in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Worked as a member of the San Diego Republican Committee and in the campaign for President Bush Senior. Worked in his Administration in an SES position in the Pentagon.

Last position was with UBS Painewebber involved with all of their investment products but primarily involved with estate planning, annuities and insurance. Retired December 2002 as a Senior Vice President.

Married with 5 children and 5 grandchildren.

Education: BS Aerospace Engineering, MA Management and an MBA (almost all compliments of the USAF).


Updated July 2010

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