Prior to Joining the USAF

I was born in Bayfield, Colorado. My father worked at a defense plant in Colorado during the war. We moved to Oklahoma when I was 10 years old. I graduated from Duncan High School in 1956 and enlisted the following year.

Enlisted Years

I trained as a telephone central office installer and was assigned to several small radar bases in the U.S. before being sent to Okinawa and the Philippines.

OCS Experience

I view OCS as one of those milestones that define a life. I am thankful I got to attend before it was closed. Remember Drill 19??

Post OCS

I attended flight school at Webb AFB, TX and stayed there as a T-38 instructor pilot until I was sent to Viet Nam to fly F-4 Phantoms.

After Viet Nam I returned to IP duty until I wrangled an assignment to F-111’s at RAF Upper Heyford, UK. We spent 5 great years there and retired on return to the U.S.

Presently retired (very happily so!!), and spending time with hobbies and grandkids who are scattered from Austin to Denver.

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